Welcome to Veridian

“Welcome to Veridian” the voice said. ” Enjoy the botanical miracles.”

The crew descended, marvelling at the greenery in this place, more astonishing than the legends of the vanished gardens of the Homeworld.

“Everything here is alive,” the sign read, in their own language. “please stay on the path”

They heard the sound of water moving, laughter. Young Harris rushed ahead, brushing aside the dripping branches. The rest followed through the tangled growth along the pathway, surrounded by walls of green.

“Harris, come back!” the Captain called, but Harris paid no attention. The sound of water was louder, now. They could no longer see the pathway. Harris had disappeared.

There was a whisper in the garden, as if the vines were alive, something following in the moving green. When they came to the clearing, there was a fountain, splashing. A statue of a woman made of moss and leaves.

The sound of laughter, but no one to be seen.



First  appeared  on flash friday fiction  Vol 2-25


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