Cats in Space

“Legend has it that the first of our people fell out of the sky, a bird with wings aflame. A boy he was, and beautiful. We shared our lives with him.

We have always been sailors’ familiars. Together we sailed under the stars.

We are the wondrous strange. We pass between the walls.

The second of our people was a tabby girl. Wild she was and beautiful, in the alleys of the cities of the night.”

“Why is it so hard to understand us? Why must we be contained? We have so much to teach you about gravity and doors.”

The cat people were complaining again. Now they were demanding more break time and black string. They were so difficult to work with. Schrodingers was the word Captain Garza used to describe them. Space aliens. Chaotic as the random decay of subatomic particles.

But there was no denying their talent for navigating the seas of quantum foam.



First Runner Up at   Flash! Friday  vol.2-38

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